BBC docuseries ‘Death In Bollywood’ shines a light on Jiah Khan’s death; Aditya and Sooraj Pancholi claim their version of the story

BBC launches a docuseries on mysterious death of Jiah Khan. Aditya Pancholi and Sooraj Pancholi defend themselves and talk bout their version of the story.

BBC has launched a three-episode documentary series on the mysterious death of actor Jiah Khan who allegedly committed suicide in 2013. The first episode of the documentary titled ‘Death in Bollywood’ aired on Monday, 11th Jan, with concluding its run on 13th Jan. The docuseries has divided audiences as Aditya Pancholi, and his son Sooraj Pancholi have given their version of the story.

Jiah,25, who appeared in movies like Ghajini, Nishabad, Housefull, was found dead in her Mumbai apartment in 2013. She had left a lengthy note explaining her estranged relationship with Sooraj Pancholi. While it was claimed that the cause of Jiah’s death was suicide by hanging, however her mother, Rabia Amin claimed it as a murder, and the hanging was staged.


Sooraj Pancholi appeared in the second episode of the documentary series and repeated that he is innocent. In an interview, he even mentioned that he was with Jiah for only five months, and she had confided in him about her depression.

Aditya Pancholi too appears in series and says, “I’m just telling the court, please find out who the murderer is, and acquit us from this abetment to suicide (charge).”

After this series was released, the viewers are divided. One of them states, “I am truly shocked that #SoorajPancholi and #adityapancholi agreed to be interviewed for #DeathInBollywood because they do NOT come out of it well.” Another wrote, “Watching #Deathinbollywood! My god!!So crazy how this case is mirroring Sushant’s case! so glad this has been aired on British TV! Hopefully, this will make more people realize the evil side of Bollywood! #boycottbollywood break the hierarchy! That’s the only way we will get justice!”