Barbara Corcoran reveals the key to happy marriage is sleeping separate bedrooms for 40 years

Barbara Corcoran has revealed the key to happy marriage!

During the real estate guru’s appearance on Thursday’s Today episode, she revealed that the key to her “fun” marriage with Bill Higgins is sleeping in “separate bedrooms.”


“I’ve had a separate bedroom with Bill for like 40 years,” said the Shark Tank judge to host Jenna Bush Hager. “I have to invite him in – he invites me in occasionally.”

The businesswoman claimed that while their sleeping arrangement came across as odd to some people, for them it adds another level of “sexiness.”

Barbara then explained that they came up with this idea after realising that they have very different habit, when it comes to cleaning.

“He puts piles of stuff everywhere and I am very neat so I couldn’t sleep well at night,” she continued. “Now, I sleep like a baby.”

Along with their slightly unconventional agreement, the real estate mogul revealed that she was the one who proposed to Bill in the 80s.