Baghban actor Saahil Chadha Hospitalised after being hit by ambulance

On Wednesday, actor Saahil Chadha and his wife Promila were i
nvolved in a car accident in Mumbai. He is currently in the hospital.

After being hit by an ambulance, actor Saahil Chadha, who has appeared in films such as Baghban and Section 375, and his wife Promila were injured. On Wednesday, the accident occurred in Mumbai.

According to a leading daily, Saahil and Promila were returning from a meeting and walking towards their car, which was parked in a lane behind St Xavier’s College, when they were hit from behind by a vehicle. The actor was dragged for two feet and suffered injuries to his stomach and thigh as a result of the ordeal. Meanwhile, his wife suffered two leg fractures.


Saahil is currently being treated at the Bombay Hospital, while Promila is staying with her cousin. His injuries are said to be minor, and he is expected to be released within the next two or three days.

Saahil called the accident ‘extremely shocking and scary’ and said that he is currently under observation in the hospital. “The police have nabbed the driver,” he said adding, “I practise Buddhism and feel that a big undesirable and much worse incident has been averted in my life. I am under observation for the next few days no doubt, but God has been kind. Whatever happened was extremely shocking and scary.”

In Baghban, Saahil played one of Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini’s sons, with Aman Verma, Samir Soni, and Nasir Kazi playing the other three.