Back when Jimin and Jungkook got into a fight, later bonding in rain: "It sounds like a drama" | Business Upturn

Back when Jimin and Jungkook got into a fight, later bonding in rain: “It sounds like a drama”

During the 2020 BTS Festa, band members Jimin and Jungkook recalled a fight they had a few years ago and how they reconciled after that. Jin called the incident ‘dramatic’.


During the BTS  Festa 2020, when asked if BTS members were ever sorry or disappointed in the member sitting on their left side during the 2020 BTS Festa, BTS members Jimin and Jungkook once reminisced about a fight they once had. Jungkook reminded Jimin of their fight.

Initially, Jimin couldn’t recall anything, but after listening to snippets, he burst out laughing. According to Jimin, the incident occurred four to five years ago.

Narrating the incident Jimin said, “We had a fight in the practice studio on a rainy day. After the fight, I got so angry I told him, ‘Do whatever you want’ and left the room. I walked to our house. It was a 20-minute walk from the studio. Then I got a call from Jungkook, ‘Jimin, I am so sorry’. I said, ‘Don’t call me’. It was 4-5 years ago, isn’t it? I asked ‘Where are you?’. He said ‘I don’t know’. So I said, ‘Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you’. He said, ‘I don’t know where I am’.”


Jungkook added, “So I told you I would take a taxi.” Jimin said, “Yes” and continued, “So I was waiting for him in the rain. When Jungkook arrived, I hugged him lightly like in Slam Dunk calling, ‘Jungkook’. After listening to the incident, Jin responded saying, “It sounds like a drama.”

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