Ayushmann Khurana shares his thoughts on bullying and cyber-bullying

Ayushmann Khurana, now a celebrity advocate for UNICEF, talks about his ideas on creating a safe space on the online medium.

Being a part of UNICEF’s Celebrity Advocate of their global campaign, Ending Violence Against Children(EVAC), Ayushman Khurana shares and talks about his thought on creating a safe space on the internet for all the underaged children to mark the day, recognized as international day against violence and bullying at school.

Children getting bullied and harassed, not only live but also through the internet is getting high, and no one knows who trust anymore, especially children, in their formative years.


The Hollywood actor, Ayushmann Khurana puts forward his voice on educating, spreading awareness on the same, but also on the whole, creating a safe space on the internet, a globally accessed form of data, entertainment, and practically everything.

“Bullying is traumatic for every person, and in the present day, happens online as well. In the case of cyberbullying, children are most of the time not sure whom to trust and from where and how to access help. Whether buying originated from people in their school, in their communities, or strangers, not sure of where to get help from, is often not known to children”

‘Tackling cyberbullying and other forms of online violence involving children and young people’ is the International theme that was marked for this year.

He further seeks parents teachers and family members, to make it their responsibility for creating a safe space on the internet and to make sure their children knew where and how to access help if required and prevent children from experiencing violence on the online medium,