Aryan Khan's brand, D'YAVOL dropped a bombshell on internet with its price; Check out | Business Upturn

Aryan Khan’s brand, D’YAVOL dropped a bombshell on internet with its price; Check out

On Sunday, 30th April Aryan Khan’s new clothing brand D’YAVOL went live  through its website. As soon as the website went live, many people couldn’t access it. The brand had to put up a status update on Twitter and wrote, “We’re experiencing very high volumes of traffic and checkouts. Please bear with us.” But after a short span of time the site was live again and users could access the site. Few days earlier Shah Rukh Khan was seen being the muse for his son’s brand. Both the father son duo have been promoting the brand and its upcoming launch since the past few weeks grabbing the eye balls.

Now the brand is open to shop many people found the price highly expensive.

One Instagram user wrote while commenting on the price, “Khan saab even if I sell my one kidney won’t be enough I have to sell both of my kidneys.” Another shared, “Just checked the prices, it’s crazy. A middle class guy can never afford it. Been waiting since the teaser and refreshing the page for the past 1 hour. Bad luck I guess.” Third comment read, “2 lakh for a leather jacket?”

Although there were few who stood by the pricing saying, “Dude this jacket is awesomeonly 30 of them have @iamsrk ‘s signature, in the second photo you can see where it will be this is really a collectible , no wonder its price is high, can you imagine wearing this with your autograph, I don’t even wash it to last more .” Another one wrote “Those who are complaining about #DyavolX’s price needs to understand that the brand is not catered towards them, it’s a luxury brand and it only caters towards the top 1% of the world.”