Aryan Khan’s bail delayed due to power cut, states Senior Advocate Amit Desai

Aryan Khan spent another night in jail as his bail was delayed due to power cut.

Aryan Khan walked out of Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail, after three weeks of arrest. However, his bail was delayed. Because the release papers could not be completed in time, the star kid’s release was postponed for a whole night. The court lifted the bail order on the 29th of October, after he was granted bail on the 28th.

The legal team for Aryan was unable to submit the documents by the deadline of 5:35 p.m. on Friday evening. The actual cause behind this was exposed by Senior Advocate Amit Desai. Speaking to ETimes, Amit Desai said, “Paperwork was delayed at Sessions Court and when the Release Memo was being typed the electricity of entire Court was tripped for almost 25 to 35 vital minutes.”


Each inmate’s bail order must be placed in the zamaanat (bail) box located outside the Arthur Road prison. The squad, however, missed the deadline of 5:35 p.m., and Aryan was sentenced to another night in prison.

Soon After Aryan’s bail, his legal team said in a statement, “No possession, No Evidence, No Consumption, No Conspiracy, Right from the First Moment when he was detained on 2nd Oct 2021 …. Nor is there anything as of now. We are grateful to Almighty that our prayers were accepted by Mr Justice Nitin Sambre and granted bail to Aryan.”

On Saturday morning, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, walked out of jail and to his home Mannat while his way was flooded with media and paps.