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Arshad Warsi deletes tweet after Adani Electricity gives a strong response

Due to lockdown, many celebrities are complaining about their electricity bills. The inflated and unexpected bill is now the talk of the town. The recent victim, Arshad Warsi took to Twitter to talk about the issue. Given his sense of humour, he made fun of the company as well as the bill.

The tweet talked about Rs 1.03 lakh being deducted from Arshad’s account for electricity bill payment. He later also tweeted about offering to sell his painting so that he can pay his electricity bills for this month and save his kidney for payment of next month’s bill.

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited then replied with a strong response. CEO of AEML, Kandarp Patel, told reporters that the actor’s comment was derogatory and targeted a corporate leader. Warsi had mentioned “highway robbery” in his earlier tweet.

“Arshad Warsi’s statement was derogatory and was of a personal nature against a corporate leader. We connected to him immediately after it surfaced and requested him to revoke that tweet and he made another tweet after that and was convinced about his billing. But he is an influencer and he should not have used such language,” Patel told reporters through teleconferencing.

According to Adani Electricity, Arshad has four connections, two each commercial and domestic. Warsi was slammed for only showing the domestic bills.

“People spent comparatively more time at their homes in this period as they were working from home, and the summer season has also been a reason for high bills in domestic connections during the lockdown period. The same is the case with Arshad, his commercial connections bills are comparatively reduced, the details of which he did not share,” the AEML CEO said.

Arshad later neutralised the situation and tweeted :