Armaan Malik reveals, he was told ‘Don’t try to be Justin Bieber’

A popular singer Armaan Malik was told not to become Justin Bieber when he started singing songs in English. He received several comments on his posts and videos asking him not to try to be an international pop star. Do not try to be Justin Bieber.

Armaan Malik, a famous singer. He sings very passionately. Everyone likes his songs very much. Singer says that many believe that Indians are not good at singing in English and ‘we always sound like we are trying too hard. He talks about the comments he got, dissuading him, and how he takes them with a pinch of salt.

He has released a handful of English songs. ‘Control’ is the first one released in 2020. How many and Echo are other such songs. His new single titled you came out earlier this month.

During an interview, Armaan talks about the comments dissuading him from singing in English. “There have been comments on my posts and even on my YouTube videos saying, ‘English mein mat gaa, Hindi mein gaa, tu usme hi behtar hai (Sing in Hindi and not in English, you are better at that)’. These are comments that I need to take with a pinch of salt because whenever you do something people don’t expect, you are going against the norm and the rule book, there will always be naysayers and people who will be against what you are trying to achieve. It’s totally fine,” he says.

Armaan says, he wants to be that Indian artist whom Indian fans can cheer for at a global level. “Even though there might be people who say, ‘You sing better in Hindi, it’s better that you sing in Hindi only, don’t sing in English…’ ‘Don’t try to be Justin Bieber’, that’s what people say.

I don’t think I am trying to be anyone. There are a lot of people having those misconceptions when you try something different. It’s good to have that opposition, not everyone can be your fan, not everyone can be your lover, but I think it’s about proving everyone wrong at the end of the day,” he says.

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