Ariana Grande announces her new Fragrance ‘Cloud Pink’

Not only is Ariana Grande a Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping singer, but she is also the creator of a PETA-approved beauty line.

Without a doubt, Grande is a trendsetter when it comes to skincare and beauty. Making ensuring that our beauty products are clean has gotten more and more popular as we become more conscious of what goes into (and on) our products.


She just recently revealed her new scent, “Cloud Pink.” Women’s fragrances from her cosmetics range are really fantastic. Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray, Ari by Ariana, and more are available at R.E.M Beauty . Franki, Thank You Next, Sweet Like Candy, and many others.

However, Grande has made it clear that running her R.E.M. Beauty brand is a full-time endeavour for her and not something she does in addition to filming Wicked and making music. As she shown in a TikTok where she unveiled her tarot cards, she actually takes delight in her beauty brand and even uses the items herself.