Arbaaz Khan takes a dig at ex-girlfriend Giorgia Andriani says, ‘Oh I moved from this into that..’

Arbaaz Khan’s marriage to Sshura Khan came under criticism after his former, Giorgia Andriani, spoke out. Arbaaz confirmed that their breakup came before his connection with Sshura, calling Giorgia’s timing ‘unfortunate.’

Arbaaz Khan, a renowned actor, made news in December 2023 when he married makeup artist Sshura Khan. However, during the festivities, his former girlfriend, Giorgia Andriani, took the opportunity to talk with the media about their previous relationship.

Despite previously declaring that they were on excellent terms, Arbaaz was disappointed with the timing and topic of her interviews.


Arbaaz Khan recently spoke with the Indian Express about Giorgia’s interviews, calling them ‘unfortunate’ and ‘a little inappropriate’.

He stated that his relationship with Giorgia terminated around a year and a half before he met Sshura. Arbaaz emphasised that there was a big gap between his breakup with Giorgia and his relationship with Sshura, dispelling any hopes of a speedy recovery.

Arbaaz Khan expressed disappointment with the timing of Giorgia’s public remarks, which coincided with his wedding preparations and post-marital period. He noted that discussing a two-year-old split, especially when there was an opportunity to do so earlier, was ill-timed and improper.

The actor married Sshura Khan in a secret ceremony conducted at Arpita Khan’s home, attended by close family members, including Salman Khan. Following the nikah, Arbaaz posted touching images with his new bride on social media, signalling the start of their journey together.

Before Sshura, Arbaaz Khan was married to Malaika Arora for 19 years. The pair married in 1998, announced their separation in March 2016, and finalised their divorce in May 2017. They have a kid named Arhaan.