Aparshakti Khurana steps forward to support domestic sports; Selected to host the Kho Kho 2022 Championship

Aparshakti Khurana is to host the Kho Kho League.


Actor Aparshakti Khurana is happy to be able to contribute more as the presenter of the Kho Kho league since he has always been enthusiastic about raising awareness for domestic sports in India.

The actor is delighted to provide his support to this game in order to shed more light on it and wants to keep doing his part to highlight the game and the numerous gamers that are behind it. “Sports have been a very vital part of my life, right from childhood,” says Aparshakti

He continued “I have been a part of the Haryana U-19 Cricket Team and I still play football with the All-Stars team. Also, my first film was based on wrestling. It is an honour to host the Ultimate Kho Kho Leagues’ opening season. The league has so many talented players, as the championship goes on I am sure people are going to be hooked till the finals. We must support home-grown sports, take them to new heights, and build a great audience base for them. We must pride ourselves in our culture and home-grown sports such as these are part of the community at large.”

Pune is the host city for the competition, which features about six teams. The teams’ names are Telugu Yoddhas, Rajasthan Warriors, Odisha Juggernauts, Mumbai Khiladis, and Chennai Quick Guns. The current league will continue till September 4.