Aparshakti Khurana claims he lacks a good sense of humour in Real life

Aparshakti Khurana may be known for his comedic timing in films like “Dangal,” “Lukka Chuppi,” “Stree,” and “Bala,” but he shocks you when he says he doesn’t have a good sense of humour.


If comedy has overshadowed his filmography so far — despite a surprising emotional performance in “Street Dancer 3D” — the actor claims it was not always his intention to play the funnyman.

“It wasn’t a deliberate decision, he said, to make comedy more (in his filmography). Let’s face it, beggars can’t be picky. I began my trip with everything I had on my plate at the time. I grabbed it with both arms outstretched. Also now, I don’t believe an actor in my room has many options. You deal with whatever comes your way “he says.

Aparshakti believes that his involvement in “Street Dancer 3D” aided him in breaking free from the comic book world.

“Having said that, ‘Street Dancer’ was instrumental in breaking me out of my comedy rut and allowing me to strike an emotional chord. People were moved by the character’s storey and had a teary moment. But that leads me to think that I’m not really here for the laughs.

According to the actor, there has been a change in the way people watch movies.

“The way we watch movies and chat about our characters has changed dramatically. There is no longer any such thing as a villain “he declares

Aparshakti is getting ready for his first solo film, “Helmet.” The film is a spoof on the country’s real-life situation, in which people are uncomfortable buying and discussing condoms. The film attempts to convey the message in a humorous yet non-preachy way.

Given the recent boom in socially important films, does Bollywood have a crowd mentality? “It (a socially important theme) simply adds to the relevance of your storey. That’s what there is to it. Otherwise, there is no reason to believe that you need this specific feature (refers to social message). It will all come down to strong dialogue and a strong plot at the end of the day. If it’s funny, you can have a good time. If it’s a mystery thriller or a horror flick, you might be creeped out. You’ve arrived at your destination if you have that. Of course, if the movie has a social message, that’s just icing on the cake. People should take a note home with them “he concludes.