Annu Kapoor lashes out on celebs holidaying amid pandemic, ‘Accha nahi lagta’

Veteran actor Annu Kapoor said that he is having no objection to celebrities going on a holiday, he is opposed to them flaunting it on social media.

Last month, Annu tweeted, “I humbly appeal to rich and famous from all walks of life and media not to post their pictures vacationing at exotic locations while the most of the world suffers with pandemic. Kisi ko jalaa ke majloomon ki baddua kyun lena (Why should you attract the curse of the downtrodden by making them jealous)?”


In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Annu said that he is not in any way stopping those who have the means to go on a holiday from going on one. However, displaying it to the world is in bad taste, he added.

“Aap bilkul bhukhe ke saamne 56 bhog ki thaali leke kha rahe ho yaar! Maalum hai aap afford kar sakte ho, maalum hai aap paisewale ho, maalum hai khubsoorat badan hai aapka. Aur iske alawa aur kya numaish kar sakte ho? Achcha nahi lagta. Ek German term hai – ‘kitsch’ (It is like eating a lavish meal in front of people who are starving. We know you are rich and can afford it, we know you have a beautiful body. What else can you be showing? It doesn’t look good. There is a German term called ‘kitsch’). It means art in bad taste,” he said, adding that celebrities should be ‘sensitive’ and show some ‘empathy’.