Annu Kapoor criticises celebrities going on boasting with holiday pictures says it rubs salt into the wounds of COVID hit families

Annu Kapoor is one actor who has been very vocal about his opinions about celebrities partying and posting holiday pictures on their social media, he says it is just like wiping salt into the sufferings of COVID patients and their families.

In an interview with ETimes the senior actor spoke at length about his opinion on people who are boasting their gala times on social media and in a way rubbing their privileges on the face of people who are suffering in these testing times.


Here are the excerpts from the conversation that transpired:

Interviewer: “You put up a strong post criticising stars going on holidays and then putting up pictures from the Maldives…”

Annu Kapoor: “The Maldives or wherever! It was a humble appeal to the rich and famous from all walks of life! It was not restricted to actors only. I have nothing against anyone’s wealth, luxuries, or lifestyles, but the display of the exuberance of the privileged ones was in a bad taste. The ongoing brutal pandemic has devastated the whole world, millions of lives have been lost, people have been deprived of basic amenities. I hope I am driving my point home. This act of putting up pictures is like having a scrumptious meal in front of hungry people.”

Interviewer: “Are you saying it is equivalent to rubbing salt into the wounds of COVID-affected patients and their families?”

Annu Kapoor: “Yes. It is just like that.”

Interviewer: “Why do you term the holiday pictures as ‘show-off’?”

Annu Kapoor: “They should keep these pictures to themselves. The album title can be: Sweet Memories During The Catastrophe.”

Interviewer: “People lauded you on the internet for this opinion. Is the appreciation still pouring in?”

Annu Kapoor: “I do not want to dwell on this numbers game. Sensationalism always attracts people as they have to vent out their frustration and anger. I have posted many tweets with much more social significance but ironically they hardly got noticed.”

Interviewer: “You are working with many young actors. Aren’t you burning bridges with them when you say such things?”

Annu Kapoor: “I am not afraid of anyone. I have been surviving with grace and dignity in this industry for the last 39 years. I have struggled hard and I am working harder and harder every day. I have accepted that God has carved out a different plan for me. Nevertheless, I am blessed in such a way that I never lose my sense of rationale and always proceed with righteousness and high moral values.”

Interviewer: “How did this all begin at your end?”

Annu Kapoor: “I may not be a film or TV buff but I am a well-informed individual. I know many, many more things about many people from this country. Remember that film ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’? (laughs). On a serious note, someone brought it to my notice asking ‘Kya kar rahe hain ye log?’ We tend to get surrounded by people who either become sycophants and shower endless praises on you or those who are critical about you and abuse you at the drop of a hat. Such extremity is definitely not welcome.”

Interviewer: “Are you hinting that the sycophancy that stars get tends to blind them to the current situation?”

Annu Kapoor: “Sycophancy and hatred are two sides of the same coin. Both rob you of your ability to think correctly; you lose your perspective and rationale.”