Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary fans encourage them to get married as the duo shares a reunion video – Watch

Udayan couple One of the most adored and rumoured couples in the entertainment world is made up of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta.

The pair says they are close friends despite their huge popularity and the rumours of a romantic engagement. Fans of Priyanka and Ankit, however, are now buzzing about recent events because of their touching reunion.


When Priyanka posted a sweet video on her social media account on a nice Monday evening, the much anticipated reunion finally happened.

Ankit can be seen playing peek-a-boo in the video, which makes viewers feel happy and nostalgic. Priyanka captioned the video with the words “@ankitgupta hiii,” expressing her delight and enthusiasm.

The radiant smile on Priyanka’s face revealed their sincere connection. Unusually, Ankit’s co-star from the well-liked programme “Udariyaan,”

During their gathering, Kamal Dadialla was also present. In order to preserve the priceless moment, Dadialla posted a picture of Ankit, Priyanka, and herself on her personal social media account.

Priyanka wore a black chikankari kurti with beautiful white threadwork during their reunion, which she teamed with chic white trousers. Ankit, on the other hand, wore blue denim trousers and a brown shirt with adorable white patterns for a casual yet fashionable style.

Fans of Priyanka and Ankit, who go by the moniker “PriyAnkit,” were pleased to see their favourite couple enjoying themselves.

Social media sites quickly became swamped with messages of love and support for the couple. Some devoted followers even voiced their wishes for an engagement or future development in their relationship, igniting rumours and creating excitement among their supporters.

Even though their admirers are still interested in their personal lives, it is important to emphasise their professional endeavours as well. Currently appearing in the daily drama series “Junooniyatt,” Ankit Gupta is giving excellent performances.

Priyanka, on the other hand, is working on some intriguing initiatives, but she hasn’t yet made an official statement. The pair recently showed off their connection in the song video “Kuch Itne Haseen,” which was well-received by the audience.