Anisha Victor is the apple of Reddit’s eyes

The House Next Door and Zee 5’s REJCTX-fame actress Anisha Victor has suddenly become extremely famous on the social media platform Reddit.

So much so, that her fans have been drooling over every part of her body. Lol. We know that sounds a bit crude, but that’s the way it is with these Anisha fans on Reddit. They love her figure, her face, her hair, her legs, her calves, her waist and even her toes. And now one is even drooling over the ‘size’ of her eyes. 😉


Yeah, you read it right! Anisha has “eyes the size of an apple” wrote a fan this week, with a close-up pic of her with big sparkling expressive eyes, typical of a good actress. Gee! But Anisha is loving all the attention.

“I’m so flattered by this Reddit post,” she quips. “I want to tell all my fans there that I love them and they are a helluva bunch of super-cool people. If someday I can be with you guys on Reddit, I’m sure we can have a fantabulous mutual admiration society,” she says with a wink.

Aww. Anisha sure comes across as a happy, fun-loving, caring and attractive person… and oh yes… one with eyes the size of an apple. 😛