Anil Sharma on Gadar 2: “Tara Singh has become a folklore, he is like Superman, soft at heart but powerful”

One of the most loved movies of Indian cinema, ‘Gadar’ is having a sequel. Here is what director Anil Sharma has to say about it.

Gadar can easily be considered a historic blockbuster. The evergreen music, drama, and the course of emotions throughout the movie make it iconic. This 2001 Anil Sharma’s blockbuster starring Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Amrish Puri had all the elements to emerge a legendary movie. The makers of the film recently announced the release of its sequel.

Naturally, it becomes a huge responsibility of director Anil Sharma to match up the essentials to meet the high expectations of the audience. He promises that the sequel will be a bomb of emotions, drama, and realism. “A lot of people who loved Gadar are skeptical of the sequel. Their only worry is about us doing justice to the legacy of the first part. This just tells us about their love for Gadar. Sunny Sir, Shaktimaan Ji (writer), Zee, and I have taken a very responsible call of making Gadar 2,” he stated.


The pre-production has been going on in full swing and the filmmaker is all set to take the movie to the film floors next month. Actor Sunny Deol will return to play the character of Tara Singh, along with two more actors from the first part – Ameesha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma – will get back to playing Sakina and Jeete. “I feel, this is the first film in India wherein the actor who was a kid in the first part, returns to play an older character in the sequel,” says Anil.

The movie Gadar has iconic moments that extend to more than just the handpump scene. The sequel will display the story of Tara Singh and his family. Sharma said, “Much like Gadar, even the sequel is in the period set up because it is a continuation of what happens in the lives of Tara, Sakina, and Jeete. The world wants to know more about them. Tara Singh has become folklore, he is like Superman, soft at heart but powerful,” he says, and adds, “Our tagline ‘The Katha Continues’ should be taken in a literal sense as the story continues much like Bahubali and Godfather.”