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Andrew Tate claims to be slow poisoned after consuming ‘coffee’ and ‘water’

In December 2022, the authorities stormed the home of controversial influencer Andrew Tate in Romania, which resulted in his arrest along with a small number of others.

Tate has posted numerous details about his time in jail on social media, including the horrifying conditions they have been subjected to. The contentious influencer now claims that a string of tweets were used to poison him.

On April 27, 2023, Andrew Tate posted a series of tweets in which he claimed to be experiencing a number of symptoms that may have been brought on by allergies and toxins.

Along with the images of red skin and a swollen face, Tate also posted a video in the tweets where influencers can be heard having trouble breathing. Face swollen, Andrew stated in now-deleted tweets. He stated, ‘The blood pressure is really high. Skins ablaze. breath is difficult. some sort of toxin or violent reaction.’

The influencer does not have any allergies, according to a third response from Andrew Tate’s manager or another employee, and this has never happened before. ‘Has simply consumed water and coffee today’, he continued. Either a bug bite or some madness from a matrix attack was in his bottled water. He’s avoiding physicians and concentrating on his breathing and tea.

Following Andrew Tate’s tweets, his fans were worried for the influencer’s safety, and some made fun of him by blaming “The Matrix.”