Andrew Cuomo introduces ‘mystery woman’ with him as his girlfriend; Sources reveal her name

Andrew Cuomo, the 65-year-old former governor, was seen with a mystery woman on Wednesday night in Connecticut, and according to some sources, that mystery woman is no one but his girlfriend. As per the source of Page Six, Andrew Cuomo was at “Westport restaurant Nomade” having dinner with a woman who was quite tall and had blonde haires, according to the sources, the mystery woman goes by the name ‘Emma’.

In the year 2022, it was reported by Page Six that Andrew Cuomo was spotted with a “Blonde mystery woman”, hanging out with some friends until 1 a.m. However, it is difficult to say if that woman was Emma or someone else.


Page Six sources claimed that “The governor was introducing her as his girlfriend, he was very friendly with the patrons, taking pictures and chatting, and was very well received.” The sources further added, “Cumomo was with a group of friends and appeared very comfortable in a pair of jeans and a navy blazer.  He was accompanied by a mystery green-eyed blond in her her late 40s, wearing a black dress.”

Before dating the Mystery Woman, Andrew was in a 14-year relationship with ‘Semi-homemade cooking’ TV chef Sandra Lee, but later they parted their ways in 2019. The former governor was also married to the fellow political dynasty scion Kerry Kennedy, their married life lasted from 1990 to 2005.