Amy Jackson makes a hilarious goof when asked to look ‘samor’ in Marathi by paps – Watch

Ed Westwick, Amy’s boyfriend, is now in Mumbai and is having a blast exploring the city with the actress.

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick and actress Amy Jackson were recently spotted out and about in the city having a romantic dinner date. Amy, a unique sight in the city, attracted attention as she left the restaurant, and the paparazzi were thrilled to capture her for the first time in a while.

Although Amy appeared to be eager to pose for the cameras as well, their meeting turned into a funny interaction when the photographers opted to converse with the British actress in Marathi.


Amy has been seen posing for the cameras in a number of pictures and videos that have gone popular online. In these images, she can be seen wishing the photographers good day.

In the video, the photographers can be seen asking Amy to look at their cameras by saying “Samor” in Marathi, which means front. However, the actress misunderstood it and thought that the photographers were asking for “some more” pictures, and she continued to pose for the cameras.

The amusing interaction has since gone popular online, and internet users are having a blast playing the video continuously.

While Amy is touring Mumbai with the actress, her boyfriend Ed Westwick, who is currently there, is having a blast.

They were recently photographed kissing in front of the Gateway of India when she took him for a Mumbai darshan.

In June 2022, Ed and Amy Jackson made their relationship official. The actress and George Panayiotou were formerly engaged. In September 2019, they welcomed their son Andreas into the world. They did, however, split up in 2021.