Amitabh Bachchan asks for legal action after the controversy over Rashmika Mandanna’s deep fake video goes viral

The rise in technology is a boon but in recent times, people have used it for the wrong purposes. With the use of AI, there is an increase in online scams and frauds. Seems like the celebrities have also fallen prey to it. Recently a video has been surfacing over the internet showcasing South actress Rashmika Mandanna.
The clip portrays the actress entering the lift with a spaghetti top with deep cleavage. As soon as the video went viral, it faced a backlash from the netizen. However, a user Abhishek clarified the origin of the video. The renowned star Amitabh Bachchan has also raised concerns over the authenticity of the video.
The actor also took to his X account and retweeted Abhishek’s tweet, which read as, “yes this is a strong case for legal.”
On knowing the misuse of Deepfake AI, users raised questions over the matters of privacy constraints. A user commented, “The bottom line is everyone’s afraid this type of technology could be used by scammers and criminals.” Another wrote, “Holy carp that’s scary. This whole deepfake thing getting outta hand.” A netizen stated, “This is both horrifying and worrisome.”
Rashmika Mandanna has yet to respond to the viral video. She hadn’t revealed any statements as of now.
The woman who was originally featured in the video is Zara Patel. She is a British-Indian citizen who posted the video on the 9th of October. Zara has a pretty decent following on her Instagram as well. Her face turns into Rashmika Mandanna’s as soon as she enters the elevator. This shows the great power of how content can be manipulated by AI on social media.
This incident sparks challenges for public figures, whose identities could be misused. It also damages the credibility and dignity of famous personalities. The technology could be harmful in the long run as it would be used to defame anyone.