Amit Tandon explodes, says ‘I don’t think I want to see Mouni Roy’s face ever again’

Amit Tandon in an interview exploded and said he would not want to see Mouni Roy ‘ever again’. Here is what happened.


Because Mouni Roy did not support Amit Tandon’s wife Ruby, when she needed her the most, Amit Tandon lashed out on her and said he never again wants to see her face. Amit went on to say that Mouni used his wife and when came the time to help she backed away. He added, for this he would never be able to forgive her.

Talking to ETimes Amit Tandon said, “Mouni Roy who?… I know my wife Ruby won’t say this but this took a lot out of her. I don’t think I want to see Mouni Roy’s face ever again. That girl used my wife. We thought she was genuine but when Ruby was in trouble, Mouni ne uska saath chhod diya. Jaise logon ke chehre badaltey hain, waise hi hua . We are seeing a new face of Mouni Roy; this is not the Mouni we knew.”

He continued and said, “this is not the Mouni we knew. We perceived her as a genuine person, she has hurt Ruby’s soul. Miss Roy, you left Ruby when she was at a low zero, today she is bigger than before. Ruby would do so much for everyone, she is so selfless; she would sacrifice her own food. There is no forgiveness for Mouni Roy from our side. I have told Ruby that if she ever accepts back in her life, I won’t be around her, main toh phir gaya.”

There were a lot of ups and downs in Amit Tandon’s and Ruby’s life, They married in back 20o7 and the couple has a daughter, Jiyana but than they seperated in 2017 but reconciled in 2019, but around the time Ruby was arrested and spent 10 months period in Dubai’s Al Raffa jail after the Dubai Health Authority complained against her for threatening some government officials. She returned to India in January 2019.

The actor in the interview evaded the questions as to why Mouni Roy and their relationship shattered. And they went from friends to Amit saying he would not see her face ‘ever again’, but the actor did say, “Frankly, there are lot of people whom we realized were not our true friends. They just saw the tamasha- Mercedes bik gayi, clinic bandh ho gaya. But there was no sorrow in their eyes. Everybody wants to have a drink with you, everybody wants to party with you when your chips are high.”

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