Amid Megxit, Prince Harry received a ‘substantial sum’ from Prince Charles

According to an audit conducted by Prince Charles’s office, Clarence House, sons of The Prince of Wales, Prince Harry and Prince William were given a total of more than USD 6.25 million in the last financial year.

During the controversial interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey, The Duke of Sussex accused the royal family of literally cutting them off financially. Harry, 36, complained regarding the loss of financial support on the chat show with Oprah Winfrey and added that he was able to leave the royal family owing to the funds left by his late mother Princess Diana that came to his rescue when he decided to move to LA.

However, according to the reports presented by Prince Charles’s office Clarence House, Prince Charles gave his sons Prince Harry and brother, Prince William a total of over USD 6.25 million in the last financial year, via Page Six.

Although there is no specification in terms of the exact amount received by Prince Harry and his family, it was a “substantial sum” to support them after they quit working as senior royals, as reported by a Clarence House spokesperson to the UK media.

As per the reports by Telegraph, the spokesperson stated, “As we all remember in January 2020 when the Duke and Duchess announced that they were going to move away from the working Royal family, the Duke said that they would work towards becoming financially independent.”

It further added, “The Prince of Wales … allocated a substantial sum to support them with this transition,” the support ended last summer. While the departure of The Sussexes as the working royals was considered a ” matter of enormous sadness to the family,” but Prince Charles “wanted to help make this work.”

The spokesperson also referred to the Sussex’s lucrative Netflix and Spotify deals and said, “I betray no confidence when I say they’ve been very successful in becoming financially independent.”

The spokesperson then said that the couple accused Clarence House of putting an unfair spin on the finances and “conflating two different timelines.”It’s inaccurate to suggest that there’s a contradiction. The Duke’s comments during the Oprah interview were about the first quarter of the fiscal reporting period in the UK, which starts annually in April,” the spokesperson concluded.

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