America Ferrera recalls being star-struck by Leonardo DiCaprio; Shares the embarrassing story

America Ferrera maybe an Oscar nominated actress now but that does not mean she has never been starstruck by certain actors.

During a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Barbie star shared that she’s been meeting people this awards season that she can’t help but fangirl over, including Tom Hanks and Martin Scorsese, whom she admitted of wanting to be with while she was growing up.


The actress admitted that sometime being star-struck sneaks up on her, as she recalled meeting Leonardo DiCaprio in 2007.

America said, to the late night host, “More often than not, it’s someone you had a childhood connection.” Noting that the incident is rather embarrassing to her, she recalled, “I watched Titanic in the movie theatres seven times. 13, 14 [years old], prime time to be in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, right?”

The actress explained that when she first went to Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2007 for Ugly Betty and winning the award, made her feel like she belonged, so she was not expecting to be put off by someone, until the Titanic star himself walks there.

She recalled that post greeting the star with a “hello,” she went around the corner to weep. Her husband, then-boyfriend, was with her and asked her to stop crying as it was looking embarrassing on her part.