Amber Rose accuses ex Kanye West of pushing her to dress sexier

Amber Rose has accused her ex Kanye West of pushing her to dress in a certain way.

On Thursday’s episode of Just B With Bethenny Frankel, the model claimed that she never wished to be known for her sexuality, however, her ex Kanye had some other plans, as the rapper pushed her to dress sexier after their tumultuous relationship began in 2008.


“I am a conservative actually,” said the 40-year-old. “I have always been conservative since I was young.”

However, she claims to be changed into this “sexpot type of girl” once she rose to fame while dating Kanye, 46.

She added that not only was her relationship with Kanye the first with a celebrity, but it was also a first in the public eye. She explained that he knew a lot about fashion and he always wanted her to “dress very sexy.”

The model continued that back then, she was young and impressionable, so she went along with it despite knowing that it wasn’t a reflection of her true self.

Even after breaking up the controversial rapper in 2010, she claimed to not have been able to change her image of “sexy” and felt “pigeonholed” into one category.