Akshay Kumar expresses gratitude as #OhMyGadar takes Indian cinema by storm

Akshay Kumar, the renowned Bollywood actor, took to Twitter to express his heartfelt gratitude to the audiences for their overwhelming support towards “#OhMyGadar.” He extended his gratitude to the audience for their overwhelming love and support for the remarkable fusion of two trending films, “#OMG2” and “#Gadar2,” now known as “#OhMyGadar.”

In a tweet, he conveyed his appreciation, acknowledging the remarkable response the film has received, making it one of the most monumental weeks in Indian film history.


The actor’s tweet read, “A big thank you to our audiences for all the love for #OhMyGadar and giving us the greatest week in Indian Film History! प्यार और आभार🙏🏻 #Gadar2 in cinemas #OMG2 in cinemas.”

The ingenious amalgamation of these two blockbuster movies has set a new benchmark in the realm of Indian cinema, prompting Akshay Kumar to express his heartfelt gratitude to the fans for this unprecedented achievement.

With Akshay Kumar leading the cast in “#OMG2,” the synergy between the two films has not only created waves but also etched its place in the film history.