Akshara Hassan's private pics get leaked, her ex Tanuj Virwani confesses that he isn't involved | Business Upturn

Akshara Hassan’s private pics get leaked, her ex Tanuj Virwani confesses that he isn’t involved

Kamal Hassan’s daughter, Akshara Hassan’s private pics were recently leaked on social media. Furious trolls suggested his ex boyfriend Tanuj Virwani as the culprit.


Kamal Hassan’s Daughter, Akshara Hassan was in relationship for some time but in 2016 they called it an end. At that time her father, Kamal Hassan was not happy about their breakup and was worried about Akshara’s health. But later things moved and it is 2021.

Times have changed significantly. Akshara and Tanuj parted their ways after mutual consent. There was no bitterness between them, they remained friends and often met at parties and events. But recently Tanuj Virwani is being trolled and accused of leaking private pics of Akshara.

Out of sudden Akshara’s personal pics were out on social media platforms. The pics were of the time when both of them were in relationship. Akshara’s fans thought this to be Tanuj’s doings and trolled him aggressively. The criticism caught the attention of the media and turned into headlines. Tanuj seemed not be pleased with the incident and expressed that he has nothing to do with leaking Akshara’s pics.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan he presented his side, “Everything that came out in the media was very unfortunate. Because Akshara and I had a mutual breakup; she went her way, I went my way. In fact, we were friends, even after we parted ways. And then this whole thing about leaked pictures came out, and I’d just started climbing the ladder of my career. And I was like, ‘Man, I really don’t need this right now. This is not what I’m working for. Everything that I do, this is getting in the way of that’.”