Akanksha Dubey suicide case: Sperm has been found on the underwear of the late Bhojpuri actress – Reports

The police will now send the accused’s DNA samples for testing to check if they match the sperm discovered on Akanksha’s clothing.

Akanksha Dubey, a Bhojpuri actress, startled the whole Bhojpuri business when she was discovered hanging in a hotel room in Varanasi on May 26. Her boyfriend Samar Singh and his brother Sanjay were detained for aiding her suicide after her tragic death. The case has recently taken on a fresh twist after police allegedly discovered sperm on Akanksha’s panties.

After Akanksha passed away, her mother filed a lawsuit against Samar and Sanjay, accusing them of pressuring theirย daughter to take the drastic measure and pestering her.

Not only that, but she also alleged that the brothers had beaten the actress in the past and had even made death threats against her.

Sperm has been discovered on Akanksha’s garments a frightening new development in the case, and it was transferred to the forensic lab for the appropriate tests.

After Akanksha’s death, her garments as well as vaginal and anal swabs were sent for pathological and forensic examinations, according to DCP Varuna Zone, Amit Kumar. Sperm was discovered on Akanksha’s clothing, including the pants she was wearing, according to the test results, as reported by Jansatta.

In order to determine whether the sperm recovered on Akanksha’s clothing matches the samples of the suspects Samar Singh, Sanjay Singh, Sandeep Singh, and Arun Pandey, the police will now send them for DNA testing.

The counsel that Akanksha’s family hired recently asserted that the police have been “acting suspicious” and have not been providing the family with information as the inquiry progresses.

The attorney claimed that although Akanksha’s mother initially filed the charge of aiding suicide, police have not yet taken her statement. “I tried to talk with them, but police never provided me with accurate information,”ย he claimed.