After sharing an emotional video, Telugu choreographer Chaitanya commits suicide

Rising to fame after appearing in the Telugu dance show Dhee, the Telugu Choreographer Chaitanya, who was in his 30s, commits suicide after sharing an emotional video with his family, friends, and followers. according to some news reports, Chaitanya was very depressed and burdened because of all the loans he had taken and was unable to repay it, which leads him to take this painful step.

In the video he had shared, which was later shared by a fan on Twitter, Chaitanya was seen saying, “My mom, dad, and took care of me and ensured I didn’t face any problems. My sincere apologies to all my friends. I bothered many people, and my apologies to all.”


He further added, “I lost my regarding matters. Not just taking, but one should have to repay them. But I couldn’t do it. Currently, I am in Nellore, and this is my last day. I cannot bear the problems associated with my loans.”

A Twitter user shared his video and commented, “This is an unexpected Chaitanya master. Suicide isn’t a solution, you are such a talented yet couldn’t understand how u could do this. It needs a lot of guts to commit suicide, you could have used that to solve your problems. Super angry and sad on your death.”