After Aaliya leaks flight video with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kangana supports Nawazuddin

In response to a recent video posted by Aaliya Siddiqui, wife of actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, showing the two arguing verbally, Kangana Ranaut has spoken.

To fuel their ongoing feud, Aaliya, Nawazuddin’s wife shared a video making the new allegations against him and also making the headlines, on Saturday.

Nawazuddin hasn’t reacted to the videos yet but Kangana Ranaut took the actor’s side and urged the authorities to help him with his battle. She further accused Aaliya of prohibiting Nawazzudin from entering his own house.


Kangana via her Instagram story said, “Itna dukk ho raha hai yeh sab dekh ke…Nawaz saab ko unke ghar ke bahar aise baizzat kiya ja raha hai…unhone apna sab kuch family ko de diya, kai saal rent pe rahe rickshaw mein TWS (Tiku Weds Sheru) ki shoot pe aate the abhi last year toh yeh Bangalow? sad looking at all these…(Nawaz sir is being humiliated like this outside his home…he gave his everything to his family, and he stayed at a rented place for several years..he used to take a rickshaw to TWS shoot. Only last year he bought this bungalow and now his ex-wife came to claim it) sad.”

“Nawaz saab ne aaj tak jo bhi kamaya tha apne bhaiyon ko de diya (Whatever Nawaz sir earned till date, he gave to his brothers), ex-wife who he divorced many years ago, they were Co parenting kids she was living in Dubai with children, he even bought her a flat in Mumbai… and he bought a Bangalow for his mother, he took many house designing tips from me, we were so excited, we did house warming party in this house together,” she added.

The Manikarnika actress also wrote, “I never met the ex-wife but now suddenly she has taken over the Bangalow and not allowing him to enter, I just saw he is standing on the road and she is making videos of such a big star, kya badmashi hai yeh (what wickedness is this), I feel like crying… it’s not easy to make money from acting jobs, actors work very hard, how can she just decide to keep the house and lock him outside like that.”

“I want to request concerned authorities she should be sent to her apartment immediately the one Nawaz sir has bought for her in Everest apartments and from there she can settle legally whatever her demands are, she can’t bully Nawaz saab old mother who is still locked inside the Bangalow and waiting for her son and her son the owner of the house who ex-wife not allowing to come inside, they are divorced for many years now she has no right on his properties… and she can most definitely not defame him by making secret videos of conversations and release them out of context in bits and pieces so that he even fears coming home….this is so wrong…” she concluded the post.