Adil Khan Durrani reveals that Rakhi Sawant hit him several times: ‘She threatened to ruin my life’

Adil Khan Durrani, who was in jail for several months, has made shocking revelations about Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Sawant has been in the spotlight since she revealed the details of her tumultuous marriage with Adil Khan Durrani. He was imprisoned in Mysuru when Rakhi filed a FIR accusing him of fraud and dishonesty. Adil gave a press conference after being released from jail earlier today to give his side of the story and made some stunning discoveries about her.

Rakhi was cheating on him with her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, he confessed. According to an ETimes story, Adil stated that he met Rakhi through a mutual friend in 2021 and that they later swapped phone numbers and began communicating. He stated that he was not aware of her past apart from his marriage to Ritesh Singh, which later ended in divorce.


Adil stated that he and Rakhi married according to Islamic customs on May 29th of last year, following a few months of courting, with official registration on July 2, 2022. He said that after Rakhi returned from a London event, he learned she was in contact with Ritesh, and when he confronted her about it, she accused him of adultery in the media.

Later, when he agreed to divorce Rakhi, she put forth a condition stating that he would have to provide all the evidence he had about her and Ritesh. He also revealed that Rakhi influenced the Iranian woman to file a complaint against him. “She is someone I helped financially. I must have spent over Rs 31 lakh on her studies and even sent money to her mother in Iran for her cancer treatment. She was a close friend and I made Rakhi meet her twice,” he said.

He also denied the rape claims against him and said, “I have come to know that she (Rakhi) gave her (Iranian woman) Rs 3 lakh and promised to divide the Rs 25 lakh she gets from me for withdrawing all charges and making her a star in Bollywood.”

Adil stated that he has chosen to sue Rakhi for falsely accusing him and that he will bring a defamation suit against her. He also stated that he never yelled or raised his hand at her; in fact, she hit him multiple times, and he had proof.

“She claims to have invested Rs 1.5 crore in my automobile business, out of which Rs 41 lakh has been repaid. I also invested in her dance academy, and production house, bought her a flat in Dubai, cleared her loan of Rs 24.50 lakh for a flat in Goregaon, and bought her expensive gifts. After settling everything, she is liable to pay me Rs 91 lakh,” concluded Adil.