Actress Shagufta Ali seeks major financial helps for her medical treatment

Veteran actress Shagufta Ali is in severe requirement of financial aid. The actress, who has been out of job for the last four years, needs to oversee her medical bills.

‘Veera’ actress Shagufta Ali, who has starred in many Television shows and movies, is dealing with financial crisis. The veteran actress, who has been out of job for the last four years, has presently seeked help, as she is helpless to take care of her medical bills. After knowing about her dire condition, Cine & TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) has taken efforts and will soon reach out with help for the actress.

Talking to the SpotboyE exclusively, Shagufta Ali revealed that she is a cancer survivor. The 54-year-old actress also explained that she is diagnosed with diabetes. Speaking about her sickness, she said, “I have been ill for the last 20 years but at that time I was young and I could handle it. I had cancer in the third advanced stage and I became a survivor.”

She also added, “From the last four years, life has become too harsh on me. I got detected with diabetes 6 years back and since then I have been facing a lot of health issues. Because I witnessed a lot of things much earlier in my life which people usually witness after the age of 65, my health condition has worsened. Diabetes has affected my feet very badly. I have this numbness in my fit and, in between, I used to have terrible pain. My sugar level shoots up because of my stress level. And now it has affected my eyes also and for that I have to go through this treatment.”

The actress also mentioned that no-one except for a very few close colleagues from the industry knew about her condition. She also underwent surgery to remove the lump and had to undergo chemotherapy sessions.

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