Actress Bipasha Basu opens up about people’s comments on her being pregnant

Actress Bipasha replies to people having thoughts of her being pregnant.

Actress Bipasha got married to actor Karan Singh Grover in 2016. However, Bipasha Basu recently opened up about pregnancies. “Every time a married woman gains weight doesn’t mean she is pregnant. Also, she constantly struggles with it but she is not tired of the fight”, said Bipasha.

Bipasha Basu recently gave an interview to Hindustan Times. The 42-year-old said, “My family life is extremely important to me. And I know there have been a lot of speculations about me being pregnant. On and off when I put on weight.”


Basu further told that she is also allowed to gain weight, irrespective of her position in the glamour industry. “I know that I’m an ambassador of fitness. But there is a time when I can let go a little bit and live life a little bit. It is not that I’m becoming unhealthy. But the speculations are always going to be there till the time people see me with an actual baby”.

Furthermore, Bipasha says, she understands that people wish well for her. And, that’s why these rumors don’t negatively affect her.

Bipasha expresses herself by saying, “They are wishing for a family for me, and it is a sweet thought. If that’s supposed to happen, it will happen. The constant scrutiny doesn’t bother me. They’re not saying something evil about me. It’s just that I’m not pregnant, so that’s sad,”

When it comes to her professional life. She was last seen in a web project, Dangerous, last year.

Since then no further announcement has been made about her next work. Bipasha has also admitted that the pandemic has forced her to put work on the back burner.