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Actor Rohitashv Gour shares his memory of Irrfan Khan!

Actor Rohitashv Gour shared a heartfelt memory of the great actor Irrfan Khan who passed away today. Both of them graduated from the National School Of Drama. Rohitashv says,” When I joined NSD and was in the first year, Irrfan Khan was in the third year. There was no second year and in that phase, NSD had zero second year. So we were 40 students in the first and third year. For four years we were together. In his batch his wife Sutapa, Mita Vashist, Alok Chatterjee were there. We used to ask Irrfan Khan for a guru mantra every now and then.

I remember we have done much reading of plays. And then we came to Mumbai and we did a serial called Rajpath together which was directed by Raja Bundela and Sushmita Mukherji. Irrfan Bhai and I were the main leads and we bonded very well. My learning from seeing him was huge and he was doing television back then. Gradually he moved to films and I got busy with television so we lost touch. But when he was suffering from cancer I messaged Sutapa. They were in London and she replied that Irrfan is a strong man and he will win this battle.” Recently Irrfan also lost his mother. Rohitashv adds,” Irrfan was very close to his mom and she used to stay with him during his struggling days. Once when I was there at his home his mother told me to ask Irrfan to get a job. And we used to laugh and Irrfan used to say she is a mother and she will always want me to earn well. I think her loss was something Irrfan couldn’t take. We could not hold him back. And a couple of his last interview he has turned philosophical and he mentioned I am not being able to come in front of you as I have an unwanted guest within me let’s see who will win. Unfortunately because of the lockdown we are not being able to see him for the last time and can’t convey my condolences to his family. He is one of the greatest actors, we lost a gem.”