Actor Aahaana Kumra pays tribute to Jhulan Goswami, gets criticised for her dark-face makeup

Despite the fact that many people were critical of Aahana Kumra’s dark-face make-up in her recent photoshoot, cricketer Jhulan Goswami praises her attempt.


Actress Aahaana Kumra has shared a bunch of pictures from one of her recent photoshoots, in which she pays tribute to Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami. While many criticised Aahaana for her dark-face makeup in the pics, the cricketer was happy with her efforts.

Dropping the photos of her look, Aahana said, “No I’m not promoting any film. This is purely a tribute to a woman I admire the most after spending time with her and learning her whole story about her journey, her hardships and her passion for the sport! @jhulangoswami fondly called jhulan di by all her team mates is loved and admired by all the members of the Indian women’s cricket team! This photo series is my tribute to her and hopefully as actresses one day we can all break stereo types and be the best versions of ourselves by telling the greatest stories!! @jhulangoswami thank you for your story! And I wish and pray the best for you forever!”

Jhulan commented on it saying, “Great job keep it up!!” However, the post was showered with comments on Aahaana’s make-up. “What’s with the darker tone make-up? Instead why don’t we hire actors with the similar color tone , it would have been so much better and looked far more natural,” wrote one.

As soon as the pictures were shared, many fans criticized the actress for her dark-skin makeup. While, some appreciated the efforts, the actress put into the overall look. One user wrote, “Why painted your face black? To shame her on fairness ground or sheer racism?”

Meanwhile, another one said, “makeup looks so unreal and wired, please tell your Director.” However, there were fans who loved the overall look of the actress and commented saying, “Loved your spirit and the joy you exhibit in the photos. Jhulan is one of the major reasons I got interested in women’s cricket.”

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