Abdu Rozik makes an official statement detailing what went wrong with MC Stan, claims the rapper’s management damaged his vehicle

The management team of Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik has now issued a statement detailing the specifics of his conflict with the winner, MC Stan.

Bigg Boss 16’s mandali rose to fame. However it appears that this revered mandali has a break in it. The friendship between MC Stan, the Bigg Boss 16 winner, and Abdu Rozik appears to be over. Abdu Rozik’s assertion of the “mandali khatam” was the beginning of it all. Fans were alarmed by his comment.

Soon it became clear that MC Stan and Abdu Rozik have some miscommunications. Abdu Rozik’s management group has now made an official statement explaining what went wrong following a fanbase battle on social media.


This statement was posted by Abdu Rozik on his Instagram stories. According to the lengthy letter, everything began on March 10 when MC Stan refused to speak with Abdu Rozik. When MC Stan phoned the film director, he was with Sajid Khan. He picked up the phone eager to speak with the artist. Abdu stated he was missed, but MC Stan ended the call by claiming he will call Sajid Khan later. After that, Abdu left him a voicemail, to which MC Stan made no reply. The letter further claims that Abdu intended to go to MC Stan’s show in Bangalore but was treated disrespectfully by the rapper’s crew. Stan did not want Abdu at the event, the security crew told him.

Abdu entered the location as a regular visitor with a ticket, figuring it was an error.  “Abdu then thinking this was a mistake from the Stan team, tried to go to the venue as a normal guest with a ticket only to be sworn at very bad words by Stan’s management and to be turned away at the normal entrance and have the car damaged and panels broken.” reads the part of the letter.

A few music firms wanted MC Stan and Abdu Rozik to collaborate, but it was also unable to happen, according to the statement. Also, it was discovered that MC Stan had complained to a few mandali members about Abdu’s unwillingness to take a photo with his mother. He also let the rest of the mandali know that Abdu had stopped following him on social media. Nevertheless, according to Abdu, he never followed him. MC Stan has not yet commented on anything.