Aamir Khan states that being a Muslim, he was not used to doing Namaste; THIS film changed his entire thought process

Aamir Khan discusses how, as a Muslim, he never understood the power of Namaste.

As he appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show, The Great Indian Kapil Show, on Netflix, Aamir Khan discussed how, as a Muslim, he does not fold his hands in Namaste.

Aamir presented an intriguing fact that altered his life when he discovered the power of namaste. During his appearance on Kapil Sharma’s programme, Aamir Khan claimed that during the shoot of Rang De Basanti, he had a group of fans in Punjab to meet with, and he noted how well-mannered they were, with no requests other than greeting him with namaste.


Aamir told the entire narrative in Hindi, saying, “This is a story that is extremely near to me. We shot Rang De Basanti in Punjab, and I absolutely enjoyed it there. The people and the Punjabi culture are full of affection. So when we went to shoot Dangal, we shot in a little village. We spent more than two months shooting at that area and residence.”

He further added, “You won’t believe it, but when I used to arrive there at 5 or 6 a.m., people would gather outside their homes to greet me with folded hands and ‘Sat Sri Akaal.’ They used to simply wait to greet me. They never bothered me, never stopped my car, nothing. When I returned from packing up, they would be standing outside their homes, greeting me with ‘Good Night.'”

Aamir said how he learnt the power of namaste: “I come from a Muslim family, and I am not used to folding my hands in ‘namaste.'” I’m used to lifting my hand (adaab, the way Muslims greet one another) and bowing. After spending two and a half months in Punjab, I realised the importance of ‘namaste.’ It is really a beautiful feeling. People in Punjab have a lot of respect for everyone and do not discriminate based on status.”