Aakanksha Singh: South Indian filmmakers do not prefer OTT releases

Actress Aakanksha Singh discusses how filmmakers in the South film industries are willing to wait for their films to be released in theatres.

The ‘Badrinath Ki Dhulania’ actress, Aakanksha Singh talks about how the filmmakers in the South do not go for OTT releases of their films, rather they wait for a theatrical release in a recent interview with Hindustan Times. The actress has appeared in Kannada films Pailwaan (2019) and Malli Raava (2017), she is now awaiting the release of all of those projects.

She told Hindustan Times, “I’ve been very lucky that I’ve constantly travelled for shoots. But the only concern for me is that whatever I’ve shot till now, is yet to come out, “Hindustan Times.


She added, “Down south, makers are waiting. There films mean theatres and people there don’t enjoy watching film on OTT. For them films are huge and should be released in cinemas, ” via Hindustan Times. She said as she waits for her films to be released.

Her Tamil debut, Clap, and an anthology Telugu film, Meet Cute, are among those set for release. She will also appear alongside Ajay Devgn in the Hindi film May Day. While Singh is opposed to her films being available on web platforms, she is open to working on digital projects. The actor has already shot for a few of them.

She informed, “I’m shooting for a Telugu web series and also in also in talks for a Hindi web series.”