“A really good script has to come,” says Kiara Advani on possibility of another collaboration with Shahid Kapoor

Kiara Advani on possibility of another collaboration with Shahid Kapoor: “Maybe, we also hope so”

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh had a fruitful run in the cinematic world, and Kiara Advani thinks about the film as a game-changer for her.

She said, “It was. It was career-changing in many ways, and it was this massive love that we had received. I remember everywhere we went, even when I went to promote Good Newz, we went to a college and there were thousands of students. The moment I walked up on stage, they all started chanting ‘Preeti’ (her character’s name in Kabir Singh).”


She added, “I was like… this is amazing, but this is so scary because I had never experienced that, and it was scary in a really good way. It was beautiful. It was the film that kind of connected me to the audience, and that just brought me closer to the audience. They felt like they knew me, or there was this little relatability factor with which they connected with me.”

Chance of another collaboration with Shahid Kapoor? Kiara Advani answered, “Maybe, we also hope so. Hopefully soon, maybe, who knows? We would love to,” the actress informs. However, is there any conversation of a possible collaboration happening? “Conversations keep happening in general, but a really good script has to come. So let’s see, of course, I want to, and I am sure he does as well. We have spoken about it. But hoping to, yea, we would love to collaborate on something super soon.”