A personal video of Bangladeshi actress Tanjin Tisha has gone viral – WATCH


A video of Bangladeshi Actress Tanjin Tisha has gone viral.

Tanjin Tisha, a Bangladeshi actress, is seen dancing in a lift while inebriated and shouting foul words with her pals in a startling video that has gone viral on the internet. The video has gone viral, and netizens have criticised the actress.

The video was reportedly published first on Facebook by Tisha’s friend Sariful Razz, and it quickly went viral on the internet.


Tisha hinted at prosecuting Sariful Razz for sharing her personal video online without her permission.

Following the outrage, Tisha published an online statement in which she stated that the video was taken six years ago and chastised Razz for publishing her private film without her permission.


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