Bigg Boss OTT 2: Large number of people gather for a meet up with Triggered Insaan AKA Nischay Malhan to support Abhishek Malhan

On July 30, 2023 At the meet and greet with Triggered Insaan Aka Nischay Malhan, an extensive number attended. WeSocializeU organised the event at Dillihaat Pitampura. This gathering was held in support of Abhishek Malhan. The Bigg Boss OTT house contestant well known as Fukra Insaan is now there.

Abhishek Malhan, aka Fukra Insaan, uploaded a video to Instagram showing the crowd that gathered to greet them.


Nischay Malhan entering the Bigg Boss house is something that many fans are looking forward to. Nischay Malhan, though, was recently asked if he wanted to go inside the house during an interview. Nischay responded, “I would need to think about it. I had thought that I would send my mother. I have made roast videos on some people so if I go inside then I will have to talk to those people, and I will end up telling them that I have made such videos on them. I had vented out everything in my video, and I don’t have any grudge against anyone. But still, there is this thing that I have roasted them, and if I go in the house, I will have to talk to them and tell them that they are playing good and all these things. Even people will tell me that I said something else in the video, and in the house, I am talking nicely to them. It will be hypocrisy so I thought it’s better if I don’t go.”