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“A Decade with Jisso” trends as Jisso completes 10 years with YG Entertainment

“A Decade with Jisso” and “Jisso 10 Years with YG” trends on Twitter as the singer completes 10 years with YG Entertainment.


Jisoo of BLACKPINK has completed ten years with YG Entertainment! Jisoo is celebrating her tenth year as a trainee with YG Entertainment. Jisoo joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in July 2011 after an audition. Jisoo had auditioned in order to gain more experience in preparation for a career as an actress. Jisoo passed the audition by singing ‘I Have a Lover,’ a ballad by Lee Eun Mi. Jisoo, dubbed YG’s “super pretty trainee,” worked hard to earn her spot in BLACKPINK, and today she is regarded as one of the most successful and well-liked K-pop idols in the world.

BLACKPINK members are celebrating their fifth debut anniversary with a special fan release titled ‘BLACKPINK, The Movie,’ which features exclusive, never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from their previous concerts as well as their thoughts and feelings. Not only that but Lisa is expected to release her debut solo album in August.

Taking to their Twitter, BLINKs trend the hashtags ‘A Decade with Jisoo’ and ‘Jisoo 10 Years with YG’ as they celebrate Jisso 10 years.


One user wrote, “It’s been 10 years since JISOO was casted by YGE as a trainee and became a member of Blackpink. We’re proud of you. Thank u for making us smile, ur heartwarming messages and ur unending love for us. We love youRed heart…JISOO 10 YEARS WITH YG #ADecadeWithJISOO”. Another wrote, “You have worked so hard to get to where you are and now you’re one of the biggest artists in the world, you’re about to make your lead actress debut, and you’ve impacted Kpop in so many ways!…JISOO 10 YEARS WITH YG”.


Meanwhile, Jisoo will make her acting debut in JTBC’s upcoming drama ‘Snowdrop,’ opposite Jung Hae In. According to reports, the cast has completed filming on the drama, which is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.