A celebration to remember: Sara Tendulkar’s remarkable accomplishment – See pics

Sara Tendulkar is overjoyed as she achieves this milestone; Sachin Tendulkar shares an emotional post.

Sara Tendulkar celebrates her degree day in style with her mother, Anjali Tendulkar. The celebrity turned to her social media account and posted stunning photos of herself with the caption, “Just got 1 degree hotter.”

Sara appeared happy with her major accomplishment, while her mother was proud. Sachin Tendulkar is missing from Sara’s photos, but the cricketer is extremely proud of his daughter.

Sara Tendulkar looked stunning as she beams with excitement in these photos. Sara is one of the most popular celebrity kids, and unlike many others, she did not choose to be an actor but instead earned a Masters degree. There has been a lot of talk that Sara would be en route to establishing her career in Bollywood.

The God of Cricket shared his newest post and Dher Sara Pyaar to his daughter. “It was a beautiful day. The day our daughter completed her Masters with Distinction, from UCL’s Dept of Medicine, in Clinical & Public Health Nutrition. As parents, we feel so proud to have seen all the work you have put in through the years to get here. It’s not easy. Here’s to all your dreams for the future. We know you’ll make them come true. Dher ‘Sara’ Pyaar.” Sara Tendulkar’s achievement deserves a celebration inside the Tendulkar family.