5 controversies of Bigg Boss Contestant Eijaz Khan that will shock you

Eijaz Khan is a popular Indian television actor. He has worked in many popular hindi TV serials and hit movies like Tanu weds Manu. The actor is currently seen in popular reality show Bigg Boss 14 as a contestant.

With the beginning of first week of the popular show Bigg Boss 14, fights, debate and war of words has started, not only between the contestants inside the house but also among their fans on social media. Last day, twitter was flooded with tweets with fans debating over the fight that took place between Siddharth Shukla and Ejaz khan.


Eijaz Khan is a known TV personality featuring in Indian serials. He has also worked in Hindi movies. Currently the actor is seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 14. In the first few days of Bigg Boss, Eijaz was seen carrying a calm and cool look. But in the last episode of bigg boss, the actor was seen losing his calm over a fight with bigg boss 13 ex- contestant and winner Siddharth Shukla. The a war of words between the two was regarding the Jewellery task. After this episode, twitter witnessed an online debate among the fans of Siddharth and Eijaz. EIjaz who is seen calm and composed on the show, has been in lot of controversies in his real life. 


Here are top 5 controversies of actor Eijaz Khan that will shock you


Allegation of Rape

In a chat show, Eijaz Khan  had confessed being in a abusive relationship. One of his ex- girlfriends  had accused him of rape in the past. Eijaz khan was in a live-in relationship with that girl, but he wasn’t happy in the relationship. When he expressed his concerns, to his ex girlfriend, she filed a complain against him in a police station accusing him of rape. Because of this incident, he couldn’t attend promotion for Tanu weds Manu, and had to leave Mumbai for couples of days.


Cheating in a relationship

Ejaz khan, still feels very bad and hurt, about cheating on his one of the ex- girlfriends who loved him a lot. He regrets on cheating her. He said that, “Cheating on her will remain my biggest regret” in a chat show with Rajeev Khandelwal. He tried his best to repair things back, but failed.


Emotional break down during childhood

The actor revealed that he was really in grief over his parents separation. He was very small when his mother left him and his brother. He wasn’t informed about his mother’s death, which broke him. He was very shocked when he came to know that he has a sister, who stays away from him. Currently, the actor shares good bond with his married sister.


Isolation period

The actor was seen away from limelight and work for quite long time due to suffering from anxiety and mental stress. The actor has suffered depression and anxiety . He was called mad by other people at a point in his life. For him, his depression was his biggest challenge in life.


Ongoing depression on the show.

The actor has been very vocal about his sufferings. He was in depression. He had undergone therapies to deal with his metal illness. Recently the actor had confessed inside the house of bigg boss that had suffered from mental illness in past and was on therapies to over come those, and the actor thinks is yet not over his mental illness. He still fears his mental issues.

Though the actor isn’t very vocal about his personal life, with passing of days in Bigg Boss 14, fans will let to know the real Eijaz khan.