10 times when celebrities gave us an offbeat maternity style

From Meghan Markle, Beyonce to Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anshuka Sharma, 10 times when celebrities gave us an offbeat maternity style

Maternity is the toughest yet beautiful period in a women’s  life. During this period she experiences myriad number of mood swings, gets crancky and irritated within few seconds over little things and a prominent change is seen in her physical appearance. Increase in body weight , old wardrobe do not  fit anymore, bulging body, expanding belly and many more. Carrying a child inside you is the bravest thing a women does but in exchange of that she sufferes a hell lot of changes in her body and regular life. In such state of body and mind, we tend to ignore what we wear and how we look. The only thing that matters to us at that very moment, is comfort for ourselves and our baby.

Even the famous and popular celebrities who once used to flaunt their style statements, are hardly  bother by their looks during maternity period. They too go through these sudden mental, physical and wardrobe changes. Even in such physical and mental condition they maintain to look great and stylish. They try their best to keep the bar of style and fashion high even during such tough period.There are many celebrities who went offbeat during their maternity period and wondered people with their atmost elegant and pretty looks.



Here’s a list of 10 celebrities who gave us an offbeat maternity style


Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex never fails to amaze us with her royal and elegant looks. While her pregnancy journey  was as royal and elegant as she is. Her all maternity looks were embracing. She looked breathtaking in green Erdem ensemble at a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House in London.


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is considered fashion icon and inspiration in the industry. Whereas her maternity style is desirable. She was spotted out in New York city wearing long blue pullover sweater and cream colour full sleeve long shrug.


Anushka Sharma

Anshika Sharma and beau Virat Kohli are together embarking the new journey of parenting. Anushka has always been very stylish and particular about her looks. Even in her maternity period, she  looks all glow and shine and is supporting husband during IPL matches. She look all chic and comfortable in orange jumpsuit and white loose t-shirt in Dubai.


Kareena Kapoor Khan

Not once but many a time Kareena Kapoor Khan has proved that she is a  style icon with elegance and class even during maternity period. She has been spotted many times in her maternity, during shopping or outing with her friends and family, and she always gave out perfect chic look or  elegant look during fashion shows and runways.



Music sensation and style inspiration for many raised the bar high when she appeared at Grammy Awards in California in 2017 in a gold sparkling embellished dress with heavy gold crown and heavy gold accessories. People were stunned when she performed on the stage with baby bump.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez surprised the world  when she announced that she is carrying twins. Even in her last weeks of pregnancy, she owe the red carpet everytime she walked in. One of the instance include her red carpet look at Gucci soiree, where she was wearing black gown styled with snakeskin belt that flaunted her bulging belly.


Amy Jackson

Actress and model Amy Jackson stunned her fans when she announced her pregnancy with her long time boyfriend. The actress successfully managed to maintain her stylish looks even during maternity period. During Barcelona fashion show, Amy flaunted her baby bump in an opulent orange dress.


Lisa Haydon

Supermodel and actress Lisa Haydon surprised her fans and media with her sudden announcement of pregnancy. Whereas she was successful in maintaing her stunning and hot look even during her maternity. She looked mesmerised and wonderful in white dress.


Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan amazed her fans and media with her chic look even during her maternity period. She was spotted out in London where she wore loose-fitting satin top and jacket during her second pregnancy.


Emily Blunt

In 2016, during her pregnancy Emily Blunt embarked the Oscar’s red carpet with her flawless style and fashion. She wore embellished pale-pink Prada gown.