10 best hairstyles of bollywood actress Kriti Sanon

Here is a list of hairstyles that Kriti Sanon has rocked, she has proved that she indeed is the queen of experimental hairstyles.

We have always seen Bollywood stars rocking stylish and chic dresses but what we forget to notice is the hairstyle they pick to complement their chic dresses. So, Kriti Sanon tops the list when it comes to hairstyles. She ties her hair in a messy bun, braids, ponytails, leaves it open, curls them, straightens them, colors them, and does many more such experiments. She surely rocks the look and hands down deserve a shout out for it. Let us see what hairstyles she has rocked before.

Let’s look at the 10 times when Kriti Sanon proved that she is the QUEEN of experimental hairstyles-


The Two Side Braids

She looked absolutely gorgeous by braiding her hair on both sides with a middle parting and leaving her hair open.

The Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle looks best with any Indian outfit and she did exactly the same. She pulled it off with a stunning white dress and long silver earrings.

The Old-School Braids

Two side braids are cliche? Look at Kriti and how she rocked it.

The French Braid

Famously known as Sagar Choti or French Braid looks amazing with any outfit. Kriti looked stunning in this hairstyle.

The Braided Ponytail

She looked breathtakingly beautiful in her black and her big earrings, to accentuate it she tied her hair in a ponytail with two braids at the side. She did a fab job in styling the outfit for sure.

The Perfect Bun

If you want to bring attention to your outfit then you need to pull your hair back. This is what Kriti did with this one. She tied her hair in a loose bun and it looked perfect.

The Lockdown Look

This time she went all out and chopped her hair off and kept it simply open. She even pulled off this super cute and comfy look with ease.

The Pony-Bun

She gave a new twist to her ponytail. She made it half of it in a bun and left the remaining half-open.

The Messy Ponytail

For a cool look, she paired her funky jacket and her jeans with a messy ponytail.

The Twisted Crown Braid

She braided her hair in a crown braid but left her hair open giving it a wavy look.

This is was the list of Kriti Sanon’s cool hairstyles. She indeed rocked them and looked absolutely gorgeous. Which one is your favorite and which one will you surely try on yourself? Let us know.

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