Yamaha launches PSS Series Compact Keyboards for kids and youngsters

After inauguration of Yamaha Music’s first factory in Chennai, India the brand launched its first Make in India Keyboard PSR-I500.These products were launched by Lydian Nadhaswaram, a child prodigy who is also known for being world’s renowned pianist and has won many accolades to his credit.

This time around, Yamaha has once again come up with an entire new range of keyboards from its Factory in India with the PSS series. PSS Series is not only compact but represents the true quality of musical instrument for kids as well as teenagers and semi-professionals.


The key objective of launching the PSS series of keyboards is to support the music education in India and to communicate to parents that musical instrument should be the first leisure activity promoted among kids rather than a restricted and Harmful smart phone.

It cannot be denied that toddlers these days are glued to smart phones and are getting addicted to virtual games which are leading to various hazards at their very young age like, weak eyes, insomnia, slow brain development and depraved mental health.

It is very important to communicate to parents in India that young children who play some kind of musical instruments increase their chances of having rapid brain development. This reflects particularly in the areas of language, speech, listening, and reading and social skill abilities. A mesmerising performance was showcased by the students of Bala Vidya Bhawan at the event.

It also helps with sensory development, when kids are able to create and explore ideas using musical instruments. It creates more pathways in their brains and assists them with developing self-confidence & decision making.

By learning to make decisions, a child is laying the ground work for positive social interactions when they get older and improve their listening skills when they start to hear and experiment with the sounds of different musical instruments.

Yamaha as a musical instrument company understands the importance of music in everyday life and strives to make music better and enjoyable for everyone
Lydian Nadhaswaram is a natural talent and has been associated with Yamaha for quite a long time.

PSS-E30 named “Remie” is the beginning model with something special and have all thenecessary functions for kids to have fun while making music. It has a beautiful sound output and is a keyboard made for small hands.It comes with a songbook designed to help the young one extract soulful tunes.The compact, lightweight instrument is easy for the young maestro to take out and put away on their own. Watch them smile as they discover the universal language of music! Beautiful tunes are accompanied by everyday sounds like that of vehicles, animals and other exhilarating sound effects stimulatingthe child’s curiosity. Quiz mode is a great way to naturally develop a musical foundation for the child while having fun. It challenges the child to guess the sound effects it plays. It also features a more advanced mode that challenges the child to guess the right notes. The Remie (PSS-E30)comes with pre-set songs, enjoyable versions of famous tunes the child will hear throughout his life.

PSS-F30 is everything a child needs to start playing. Featuring a wide range of beautiful sounds only Yamaha could create, an automatic accompaniment function that exposes your child to different styles of music, a keyboard specifically designed for their smaller hands, and a pre-set library of famous tunes, the PSS-F30 is full of fun stuff to help them learn. When they strike their first note, children light up with excitement. As they experiment more and more, they will discover beautiful combinations of notes to share. They experiment, discover, all the while learning and developing a musical part of their personality. The PSS-F30 is the spark of their creative flame!

PSS-A50 is the model for teenagers and semi-professional and gives a pro level feel to the player. From performing to recording, this mobile keyboard can do it all.Big pro-level sounds in a small body with cool effects and creative control. Everything a musician needs to make their kind of noise. The built-in Arpeggiator inspires new ideas, creates melodies and beats and to helps make magic. The Phrase Recorder helps to loop, playback and record. Connect it to a home recording set-up or a mobile device and discover even more ways how the PSS-A50 will become your trusted musical companion.