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A look at Kylie Jenner’s past relationships

From being one of the most influential teens to a businesswoman, Kylie Jenner is a famous personality. She is a model, a socialite, a media person, and also a businesswoman. This popular socialite is also known for her dating timeline and even for her sudden baby news. From teen love to big romances, Kylie has experienced it all. Here we are with the list of the men she has dated before or she is dating currently. If you are super interested to know her dating life, you have come the right way.

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Travis Scott

The most famous and talked about the relationship of Kylie was with Travis Scott. She started dating Travis in April of 2017. As soon as they started dating, within a few weeks, they made their relationship public. In March 2018 they announced the birth of Stormi, their baby girl. It shocked the media as nobody knew Kylie was pregnant and expecting so soon. The couple looked strong, however, they had their rough patch and separated their ways in October of 2019 and haven’t been together ever since.

Fai Khadra

Late in 2019, there were rumors that model Fai Khadra is dating Kendall Jenner. Though they were seen wearing a couple- Halloween costume and joking about starting a family together, they said they ain’t dating. In 2020, Kylie was seen posting Instagram pictures with a shoulder of a man, and then soon she was on a family vacation, where they saw Fai with them. This August she was seen in Paris, France, with no one other than Fai. And, she only posts pictures who are close to her on her Instagram page, we all can certainly spot Fai in them. All this proves that she is dating Fai Khadra for sure.


When Kylie was 18, back in 2014, the news that made rounds in Showbiz world was that she is dating Tyga who was 24, probably 6 years elder to her. This wasn’t the point of awkwardness. However, Tyga dated Black Chyna, Kim’s best friend before dating Kylie, and then Kylie’s brother was dating Black Chyna while Tyga and Kylie were dating. Despite this awkwardness, they dated for three years and they also faced engagement and baby rumors before splitting.

Miles Richie

So, before Kylie was 18, there were rumors that she is dating Miles Richie. This was so serious that even before turning 18, she went ahead to have a tattoo of his name, illegally. The news was confirmed when they were seen cuddling inside a car. This grid did grab a lot of eyeballs.

Cody Simpson

Going way back to 2011, when Kylie was just another teen, rumors were that she s dating Cody Simpson. Though these rumors were true, they never agreed to this. They avoided speaking publicly about their relationship. However, when they actually broke up, their kissing pictures were leaked and that proved that they were once in a relationship.

These were 5 men who have Kylie Jenner dated.