What Is The Panama Papers Leak Case? Know Everything

The Panama Papers blew the lid off how the rich and powerful park and move their money in and out of secret tax havens, a fresh document leak from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca reveals new offshore links of an array of global elites.

More than 11 million documents from the secret files of Mossack Fonseca, a law firm headquartered in tax haven Panama, known for its factory-like production of offshore companies for its worldwide clientele of the well-heeled revealed a list of individuals who have paid the firm — and bought the benefits of the secretive, lax regulatory system in which it operates — to set up offshore entities in tax havens around the world.

And Mossack Fonseca’s eagerness to meet their demands, each one for a fee, that helps mask real ownership but still show compliance.

As per a report by ANI. The actor is reportedly supposed to appear before the agency on Monday, 20 December, or request for another date.

Reports state that the ED wants to question Aishwarya over allegations of stashing wealth abroad. Earlier too the actor had been summoned for questioning, but she had sought time twice.

The ANI report also states that the ED has registered a money laundering case under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, in the matter.